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Marooned on the digital desert island? AutoPlay is here to help you reach out and connect with your customers.

Ever feel like the internet is causing you to lose connection with your customers? All at sea in the digital space? You are not alone - many kiwi businesses feel like they are losing touch with their customers in the digital space.

Successful businesses are built on people - after all real people buy real things from real people. The internet is no different, which is why AutoPlay have created a range of online solutions designed to help rescue kiwi brands from the digital desert island.

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AutoPlay for Automotive

AutoPlay for Automotive

Designed to help dealerships throw personality into the online space.

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AutoPlay for Automotive

Driving successful car dealerships online since 2010

Dealerships are our bread and butter. We've been operating in this space in one form or another for almost 10 years. Long before AutoPlay was even a twinkle in the eye there was AutoTV. During the height of the recession in 2010 we quickly realised that the proverbial was about to hit the fan in the previously buoyant automotive TV advertising market. Faced with two options - either close down or innovate, we chose the latter and AutoPlay was born.

Initially just one product, AutoPlay now boasts a suite of 8 core automotive products and services that are all designed with one goal in mind - to help vehicle dealers improve online communication and throw their personality into the online space.


Want to find out how AutoPlay Automotive products & services have worked for dealerships?

Read all about it on our Skite page.

AutoPlay for Other Industries

AutoPlay for Other Industries

Automotive & Real Estate are just the beginning. Find out more here.

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AutoPlay for Other Industries

The AutoPlay suite of products can showcase any product

Currently AutoPlay is involved in the Automotive and Real Estate markets. However we know the AutoPlay suite of products would kick ass in any number of different industries. Who wouldn't want the opportunity to sit on the shoulder of every browser and tell them about their product? We can't think of anyone, which is why we believe AutoPlay would work in any industry.

Sell the experience of staying in your hotel, generate buzz for your guided tour with video testimonials or highlight your latest running shoe with Virtual Demo's - there's no business online that wouldn't benefit from the ability to connect with their customers. Look for AutoPlay in Retail, Tourism & Hospitality industries in the near future.


Do you work in an industry where you can see the benefit of AutoPlay technology?

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    AutoPlay are locally owned and operated. Our illustrious leader Craig Brown is at the coal face everyday - even if he does disappear for the occasional "liquid lunch". That's why our customers benefit from exceptional service. Our Account Managers visit our full package dealers a minimum of every 3 months whether you are in Whangarei or Invercargill. Our development team are all locally based so we can also turn around work quickly, efficiently and to expectations.